stephan_smallStephen Balcao – Sales Pro/Bike Assembler/Technician

In addition to working at the Trek store, Stephan has years of experience working in local shops. In addition to a deep reservoir of product knowledge, he has a painful fascination with mountain and fat bike endurance events. His goal is to compete in the Iditarod Trail Invitational race to McGrath.  Stephan can do it all: expert sales, bike assembly, and bicycle repair. If it’s bicycle related, chances are that Stephan knows about it.

In his limited spare time, Stephan sews bike bags for bike packers.  His frame bags and accessories have been used in events across the state, including the ITI race to Nome.

A sincere and thoughtful person, Stephan is currently available. To set up a date, please contact him at the Trek store (907-743-6000).  The wait list is currently seven years.

andy_smallAndy Duenow – Sales Pro/Certified Fit Technician

Andy is the current president of the Alaska Triathlon Club. He is a nationally competitive age-group triathlete and specializes in Xterra off-road events. He is the race director for the Xterra Hammerman Triathlon. In addition to triathlon, Andy competes in road, mountain, and cyclocross racing.

He is a Certified Trek Precision Fit specialist and combines his many years of experience as a competitive athlete with a solid understanding of bike fit theory.

Andy has been known to wear loud clothing and paint his toenails in preparation for big events, or even small events, or even for no reason what-so-ever.

dave_smallDave Coleman – Certified Technician

As a bike mechanic, Dave is a pro’s pro. He has spent most of his life perfecting his craft, and his dedication to mastering his profession has taken him around the world. He has wrenched at multiple ITU national and world championships, and served as neutral support for countless professional races. He achieved his dream of wrenching at the Olympic games when he supported both the Canadian Olympic triathlon and Canadian Paralympic teams in Rio in 2016.

It’s a tear-jerking story, and you can read about it here.

Though he won’t admit to it, Dave listens to obscure, weird music.

Travis_SmallTravis Morin – Certified Technician

Travis started as an assembler at a local bike shop in 2012 and quickly showed an aptitude for service.  He received his professional certification from United Bicycle Institute in 2013.  He achieved his advanced bicycle suspension certification in 2014.  He is also a  certified DT Swiss wheelbuilder and, by his estimate, has built close to 2000 wheels.

In addition to playing an active role in the local bike polo community, Travis is a wizard with a yo-yo.  No, really.  He took 18th place at the 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest.  It’s even on the internet.

When asked to describe himself, he replied: #ifitaintfixeditsbroken.

Timely_SmallTimely Cox – Certified Technician

Yes, that’s his real name.  Yes, it’s the source of much amusement at the Trek Store.  Originally from the East Coast, Timely started working as a service tech in 2010.  After moving to Alaska, Timely was hired as a service tech at the Trek Store of Anchorage.  He received his professional certification from the United Bicycle Institute in 2013.  He is also a DT Swiss certified wheel builder and holds an advanced certification in bicycle suspension.  In 2015, Timely achieved certification as a USA Cycling Race Mechanic.

Due to unusual eating habits, he eats mostly pepperoni pizza.  By his own admission, he cannot eat “loose foods”.  When pressed for a definition, he simply states, “It’s complicated…”

Katie_smallKatie Spaulding – Certified Technician

Katie was a lead sales person at a local bike shop before coming to the Trek Store in 2014 with the goal of furthering her mechanical knowledge of bicycles.   Starting as a bicycle assembler, she progressed quickly through the basics.  She attained her professional certification from United Bicycle Institute in 2015 and has been an integral part of the service team ever since.

Standing at over 4′-0″ tall, Katie is very familiar with the challenges of fitting smaller individuals on bicycles.  After being cajoled into entering her first road stage race in 2015, she promptly won every event in the beginner category.

If she ever tells you, “No, bro.”, it’s a hint that you’ve asked an inappropriate question.

Mike_smallMike Mayo – Service Manager

Mike “Sparky Shazaam” Mayo came to Anchorage in 2013 and helped open the Trek Store.  He left Alaska for a while but returned in 2015 to assume the role of Service Manager.  He has over 15 years of service experience and was the Service Manager/Master Tech of a large shop in California for many years.  He received his professional certification from Barnett Bicycle Institute in 2001 and advanced certification in bicycle suspension from United Bicycle Institute.  He completed the cromoly TIG welding frame building class from United Bicycle Institute in 2015.

Mike laments the invention of the derailleur and wishes the bike world would return to simpler times.

 Bill_SmallBill Fleming – Owner

Bill is a former co-owner of Chain Reaction Cycles and a co-founder of 9:ZERO:7  bikes and Fatbikes.com.  While no longer involved in these enterprises, Bill is now the sole owner of the Trek Store of Anchorage.  Bill is a past race director for the Hammerman and State Championship triathlons, and is the current bike course director for the Gold Nugget Triathlon, Tour de Cure, and Bike MS events. He is also a past president and webmaster for the Road Division of the Arctic Bicycle Club.

He has completed triathlons of every distance, from sprint to Ironman. In addition, he has completed many winter endurance races, including the Iditarod Trail Invitational.  He enjoys racing road, mountain, cyclocross, and fat bikes.  He is one of the strongest mediocre riders around.  On any given day, Bill has a solid chance of finishing in the middle of the pack.