Mobile Bike Repair

Mobile Bike RepairNeed your bike repaired? We come to you!

We know you’re busy. Finding the time to load up your bike, bring it to the Trek store, then pick up the bike again might not fit into your schedule. For only $49.99, our certified technicians will pick up your bike and deliver your bike to anywhere you choose within the city of Anchorage, all within 72 hours*.

Having a bike shipped to you? Have it sent to the Trek Store for assembly, and we will deliver a fully tuned bike to your door!

Setting up a service pick-up/drop-off request is easy. Simply call us at (907) 743-6000 or fill out the form below, and we will contact you within one hour of receiving your request during business hours.  If your request is made outside of business hours, we will contact you within one hour of opening the store.

We will contact you with a complete estimate, and you won’t be charged until the work is completed and your bike is returned to you.

This service is offered to customers in the Anchorage Bowl. This service can also be arranged for corporate or fleet accounts. Just give us a call for special pricing and details.

*We guarantee your work will be completed with 72 hours so long as any needed parts are in stock. If we need to special order parts for your bike, this will increase the turn-around required to complete the work.

Available service packages:

Tune I – $79 – The basic tune. Just enough to make your bicycle perform safely and reliably. This fee does not included parts that may need to be replaced.

Tune II – $139 – Your best value. Our certified technicians will provide a comprehensive overhaul of all of the systems on your bicycle. Price is for labor only and does not include parts that may need replacing.

Box Bike – $60 Headed out of the state? Let our certified technicians professionally pack your bike for safe travel. This service can be completed at your home or place of work on the the same day your service request is made, but please call beforehand to make sure we can accommodate your same-day request.
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Please allow 72 hours between pick-up and drop-off.